A message to my friends: you’re digging your own graves

I dedicate this email to my former “friends”.  I have watched you now for over three years sit around and do absolutely nothing.  I’ve watched you comply with tyranny, I’ve watched you wear your masks, I’ve heard about all the PCR tests you’ve taken.  I’ve heard from you that you have taken or intend to take the non-vaccines.  And I’ve put up with you attacking me time and time again because you don’t have the guts to stand up and fight.  Well, just like Peggy here, enough is enough.  I’m done with you.  I have never worn a mask and I never ever will.  I have never taken a PCR test and I never ever will.  Nothing on earth or off it will induce me to consent to taking a terminator vaccine.  You lack dignity and you lack integrity and you are bringing the human race to its knees.  I’m with Peggy.  You’re digging your own graves.  But what’s worse is that you have dug and are still digging the graves of other people – children and old people and the disabled who cannot speak up for themselves.  You are a disgrace to the human race and you should hang your heads in shame.


Digging your Own Grave

I recorded these two short videos late last night…

Because I have just about reached the end of my rope with those who are consorting with evil.

I produce SEVERAL videos weekly (and sometime even daily)…

Because we are RUNNING OUT OF TIME!

Click to watch PART 1: Digging your own grave


The two short videos above are filled with STRAIGHT TALK and TOUGH LOVE.

I am beyond the point whether or not I am concerned if anyone is offended by my message.

I seek to HONOR GOD, not man.

And I will do so until my UNOBSTRUCTED final God-given breath.

What about you?

You have the right of “No Consent” to medical interventions!

My in-box was flooded with messages from parents frantic over hearing that colleges and universities would be requiring the Covid vaccine in the fall.

Friends, why are you relying on the headlines?

The mainstream media is there to stir you up into a frenzy.

You need to dig deeper.

Or, watch the videos where I dig deeper.


  • Covid vaccines are not approved by the FDA.

  • Covid vaccines have an “emergency use authorization” (EUA).

  • That means the covid vaccines are medical experiments.

  • Masks and covid tests are also medical experiments.

  • No one can force you or your child to participate in a medical experiment.

  • You have the right to refuse consent.

  • Medical and religious exemptions to covid vaccines, masks and tests must be accommodated by law.

WATCH my NEW VIDEO below to see why and how to be exempt from covid vaccines

Click on the image above to watch my video about NO CONSENT TO THE NEEDLE or click this link below:

Need a Religious Exemption?

Religious exemption letters to submit to your employer, school or general use


“I wanted to thank you. I submitted your documents for religious exemption at my school district, and I am going to be accommodated to be able to continue working remotely and not have to test. Thank you for all of your support and work.” — M.W.

Get your state laws that defend your rights!

Click here to get the laws for your state — instant download!


Peggy, I already gave these to a manager at my health food store and I was able to shop with out a mask. They are really well-prepared and I feel smarter now!” – Linda S.

“I was grocery shopping at Aldi this morning and saw an Amish woman wearing a mask beneath her nose/over her mouth. The Amish community has been pressured to conform.

I gave her a copy of the federal non-discrimination laws that you’ve compiled and explained that she is perfectly legal. She WELCOMED the information. She does not want to mask! Amongst other things, I told her I have been mask-free at the weekly County Commissioners meetings, the Indiana Statehouse on February 3, and frequent the Goshen post office with NO ISSUES.

Thank you for all of your effort. It is GREATLY appreciated.”


Choose which state laws you need and they are available as an instant download for your personal use or to make copies to leave with business establishments to educate them on your rights and the laws that protect them.


Thank you for saving me hours of time on this research! I want to know what these laws are so I can be confident in my rights. I printed them out and carry them with me on a clipboard and it looks official, so people don’t bother me.

Don R.

I am grateful for YOU!

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with the warmest well wishes for brighter days ahead,



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